The ride of your life – £1,925 to £3,210


SMUG CT35 – from £1,925


SMUG EWD50 – from £2,835


Welcome to SMUG Cycles

British design sophistication and US retro beach-styling blend to create an e-bike that you’re proud to be seen on. Indisputably aspirational, the cool, clean aesthetic with its intelligently-designed battery concealment ensures the most relaxed, graceful, exhilarating yet effortlessly simple, stress-free riding with assistance from a power source only you know is there. Add the acclaimed NuVinci N360 Harmony CVT, the truly automatic gearbox, as on our EWD50 model, and the ride quality is utterly unsurpassed – quite simply, the ride of your life!

By letting you dress for the destination, not the journey, SMUG e-bikes are ideal for the work commute or pleasure ride, and are set to take pride of place alongside the ultra-light racers and super-strong downhill off-roaders in the garages of tomorrow. Not only does it appeal to experienced roadies and off-roaders for its kerb-appeal and alternative casual option, it tempts the otherwise reticent to sample the great outdoors.

Our mission is to produce a British designed and built e-bike of such quality, design, style & engineering that was brought to the motorcar market by the likes of Rolls Royce and Aston Martin. Judging by the comments and plaudits already received, we feel we have achieved it!