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What makes SMUG Bikes unique?

A key challenge for e-bike design is the additional weight and bulk of the battery. The optimal position for stability and performance is as near the base as possible. Many e-bike designs ignore this engineering challenge and attach the battery to the seat post, hang it from the top-tube, or fix it to a rear rack. Some address the weight and stability issue by creating a space between seat post and rear wheel, but with a clear detriment to the overall look. Others conceal the battery within one of the tubes and so either render that tube totally out of proportion with the others, or remove the capacity to detach the battery for recharging.

SMUG e-bikes frames are aluminium rather than steel, to allow a chunkier look throughout, making our signature extra-wide cylindrical seat-post in proportion to the rest of the design, yet without creating too much weight. The seat-post houses our sleekly designed battery/saddle unit that provides easy access for recharging and additional security – both parts are removed together when parked – and conceals the battery, simultaneously maintaining the aesthetics, whilst keeping the weight balanced optimally.

SMUG bikes use a crank-motor mid-placed by the pedals that directly drives the crank, rather than a hub-motor as used by many early e-bikes. This offers greater versatility and ride performance via different rear hub options.


SMUG “signature 36 volt battery”, either 10Ah or 20Ah, gives approximately 20 to 30 mile range, respectively