How to Order

Step 1: Choose your model

SMUG e-bikes all come with on the acclaimed Cruiser frame with the 250w Bafang 8FUN motor and 36v 10 A/h battery providing a super smooth, sweat-free assisted cycling experience with a comfy laid-back riding position and super large 3” fat tyres complimented by high quality magnesium front fork suspension that absorb all the lumps and bumps.

Three models are available with packages to offer varying hub and brake combinations:

CT25 , CT35 & CT50

Rear-hubbed motor, seriously laid-back beach cruiser style model with optional gearing from single to multi speed and top quality mechanically operated disk brakes. Electrically-assisted cycling and it best, both from a performance and looks point of view.

CT25 provides the most smoothest, relaxed and exciting performance ride possible from its fully UK road compliant 250w motor.

CT35 “Dual Mode” in addition to its road compliant setting offers the rider a more powerful alternative “off-road” setting from its 350w motor.

NB:- Please take careful note that riding this model in “OFF-ROAD” mode on any public highway or bicycle path in UK or certain European countries WITHOUT registering the vehicle as a light-motorcycle is an offence and can lead to a prosecution.

CT50 – USA road compliant – ultimate thrills from a 500w motor. Road compliant in UK in “On-road” mode, but “Off-road” experience the thrill those extra watts provide (please see warning above re use on UK roads)

From £1,925 to £2,125


Cruiser style model with 3-speed internal geared rear hub and mechanically operated disk brakes. The assistance to the motor of the gear hub improves performance and also extends the range of the battery. In the event of a flat battery, whilst the BR1 can be cycled, having 3 gears makes this far easier with the MR3.



Cruiser style model with NuVinci N360 CVT Harmony fully-automatic gearing system and TRP Hybrid mechanical/Hydraulic disk brakes. The NuVinci represents a revolution in gear shifting: automatic, without any limiting or jarring steps, and which delivers simple, smooth operation for an incomparable ride quality, optimized motor and battery performance and extended range.



Step 2: Choose your frame colour



Step 3: Choose your wheels


Black Wall






White Wall


Red Trim